Images Wanted

We will be needing images of any jerry can listed that does not have an image or is of poor quality. We would also like images of cans not on the lists. For the moment we would prefer images only of  WW2 and prewar cans. We would like any image of pre "jerry" type cans also known as "flimsies". We would like clear images front, back, bottom, top, sides and any other detail pertinent to the can. Do not worry about cropping or sizing images as we can do that. Very soon we will have a style sheet set up to give examples of the what to shoot. In the interim send what you have to:


Images that have been collected are from various sources. Some are images we've photographed, some from fellow G503'ers and some from Ebay auction ads. We give credit for the images/information we have received. We use an (ICO <name>) Images Courtesy Of by those images. The images on this site are for NONCOMMERCIAL use only. Images may be used for educational displays such as MV shows and such with the only request of being credit for the source i.e. "Images or information courtesy of" 

Where appropriate a link will given to a site that has additional information. Credit for the site will be listed as (LCO <name>) Link Courtesy Of.